Toyota Reliability Isn’t a Myth and This Supra is Proof!

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You already know that Toyota and Lexus products are rock solid. But has anyone really provided proof of extremely long-term reliability? What about a Supra? Would you expect to have over 500,000 miles on the original engine? Well, that’s exactly what has happened here.


Thanks to Road & Track‘s keen eyes, they found a someone who had a 4th-generation, non-turbocharged Supra that has an odometer reading of 520,590. According to the owner, the engine has “never been touched.” If that’s true, that’s an incredible amount of miles on what is a sports car that probably wasn’t driven the same way a Camry is driven.


Between this story and the million-mile Tundra of a few weeks back, it’s obvious Toyota is making some rock solid vehicles out there, especially if you take care of them. Hopefully the new Supra will have the same type of reliability, if and when it goes on sale.

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