Welcome to our new sponsor, 2perspectives! Get your ClubLexus dogtag now!

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ClubLexus would like to welcome the newest ClubLexus sponsor 2perspectives.

    2perspectives offers exclusive, personalized pendants and keychains
to ClubLexus members. The introductory item that is being offered is a
cool ClubLexus engraved dogtag with a photo of your Lexus.

        These special edition items feature photo engraving and color
transfer onto quality metals. Each dog tag is individually engraved and
features the ClubLexus logo.

        One side features the Clublexus logo, and you can choose to have your
sign in name engraved below it (for example DaveGS4). On the other
side, you can have a full color picture of your Lexus permanently photo
imprinted!!! These are high quality nickel plated thick keychains. They
are scratch resistant and built to last.

    2perspectives has made a special page/order/price list for ClubLexus
customers with a special discount. CL member "Anthracite SC" is part
owner of this company and he is very proud of the products that he is
able to offer members of our forum.

Click this link to go to the vendor forum of ClubLexus for the sale offer or to ask questions!

Click this link to go directly to the 2perspectives website to order.

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