ClubLexus Official Photography Contest – Lexus in Summertime Category Winners

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    Clublexus would like to annouce the 2004 ClubLexus Official Photography
Contest – "Lexus in Summertime" category winners. The theme this time
around was a season-appropriate title – "Lexus in the Summertime." In
which contestants were to take the opportunity to take advantage of the
Summer season and to take the best possible photographs of a Lexus

    After fierce fought battles in all the Lexus categories here are your
winners for each class. Clublexus would like to congratulate the
following members on their victory for their respected category:

GS Model-LexAristo

IS Model-Al7ezza

SC Model-Jc4dint

LS Model-Fvellani

RX Model-HarrierAWD

LX Model-tabraha

GX Model-dmizock

ES Model-Stevej

    Clublexus would like to thank all Clublexus participants who
entered the ClubLexus Official Photography Contest – Lexus in
Summertime for 2004. We hope to have even more participants for next
years contest!

    For the "Lexus in Summertime" photo contest, ClubLexus would also like to thank the following sponsors: ClubLexus, Carson Toyota, Junction Produce, Auto Visuals, Einszett, Autogeek and Daizen Sport Tuning.

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