Watch a Lexus SC Burnout Until the Brakes Catch on Fire

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ClubLexus members know that since the SC is the Supra’s uptown cousin, tuners can get crazy power out of them relatively easily. But you have to think this fire breathing SC must have surprised some folks at this strip when it decided to light them up. 

The guys over at High Tech Corvette probably posted this as a cautionary tale about using line lock, because generally, your brakes catching on fire is kind of a bad thing. But from my perspective, everything worked out just fine. All that was needed were a couple of puffs from the nearby fire extinguisher and no harm done. 
Well, except for the rear tires, which were quite obviously obliterated. Check out the tread carcass laying on the track after the smoke subsides.
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via High Tech Corvette 

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