Production Lexus LF-LC Will Carry the SC Badge

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Everyone got excited when Lexus revealed the LF-LC concept vehicle back in 2012.  The car is gorgeous, aggressive, and promising because Lexus has been in need of a coupe (outside of the LFA).


Lexus never got into details whether the car would go into production. The Initial rumor was that they would monitor the sales of the new GS and decide if the LF-LC would go into production later. But it became quite clear that the car was headed to production, thanks to the extremely positive reviews and feedback Lexus receive from media and general public.

Motor Authority published an article earlier this week that the LF-LC indeed is going into production, and it is going to bear the SC badge again.  Those who are familiar with Lexus history know very well about the SC.  The 1st generation SC300/400 was a car ahead of its time.  Its slick look captured the heart of a lot of enthusiasts.  The 2nd generation SC430 was a bit more controversial. It was more of a convertible luxury cruiser than a performance coupe.  Lexus made it heavier, softer, and more isolated from the road.  It boosted the Lexus badge for sure, but most would agree it didn’t help cultivate an air of excitement.

Since Lexus discontinued the SC430 in 2010, they’ve been quiet about the SC. And now with the LF-LC, it seems to be bringing back the excitement again. From Motor Authority’s report, Lexus will offer two powertrain options for the car; a V6 hybrid and a naturally aspirated V8.

The V6 hybrid is expected as Lexus continues to push the hybrid technology, but this time around the hybrid system will focus even more on power delivery rather than a mix between gas mileage and power. The rumor is the setup will yield 500hp which is very different from any other current Lexus V6 hybrid.  The NA V8 choice is also interesting.  It’s said to be an updated version of the RC F with peak power of around 475hp. At the same time, we know Lexus is working on a turbo V8 setup.  Does that mean the even more powerful turbo V8 setup (likely in the mid 500hp or more) will go into the future SC F?

Only time will tell, but chances of that should be pretty high.  In the meantime, those who are interesting in this future SC should start saving up, the car is going to set you back over $100k.

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