Toyota FT-1 Makes it all Better at Cars and Coffee Irvine

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A dose of compelling concept car into your bloodstream makes everything better just like two Advil during a hangover … or a bloody Mary … or the remainder of the beer you had left over from the night before. Pick your poison.

The remedy to make everything better at this past weekend’s Cars and Coffee in Irvine was the Toyota FT-1. The concept’s recent appearance at C&C may have been its only outdoor appearance, either for a long time … or ever.


If this is the only time the FT-1 is going to be outdoors and gleaming before the public’s ravenous eyes, we have a tragedy on our hands.


Looking at the crowd around the car, the FT-1 may have been the most popular vehicle at the show, perhaps with the McLaren P1 coming in a close second place. More people need to be able to see this concept, and Toyota needs to see more instances of people’s positive reactions to it because I emphatically want a successor to the Supra. Also, I would like to see a “Lexus-ified” version. There is no doubt a successor to the Lexus LFA would be wonderful, but a Supra successor would be the greatest thing since the invention of wounds healing.


On the other side of the parking lot refracting higher-quality sunlight than the Sun itself could produce, sat a 1967 Toyota 2000GT. It was the perfect complement to the FT-1: on one end, Japan’s first serious sports car — on the other end, Japan’s next serious sports car. Together, they created a magical remedy to make everything better, just like your mom used to do after you got an “owie” on your Huffy.

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