The New ClubLexus…Store

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Quite possibly one of the most unique aspects of the recently redesigned ClubLexus web site is the inclusion of a new store. Car and web site fanatics may visit it by clicking on a convenient link that would automatically direct them into a virtual gift shop. With much hard work and dedication, Ethan Kay, the Director of Marketing has successfully created an innovative feature for ClubLexus members that will allow their experience to be more tangible and real. Aside from interacting with other members and enthusiasts, people can shop, talk, and even drink "ClubLexus" all at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking!

One of the primary ways to support ClubLexus is through premium memberships where dedicated members may help contribute towards keeping the site alive and thriving. For as low as $50 a year, people can receive up-to-date news directly from Lexus, read more articles, view more site features, be eligible for rewards and prizes in member-only auctions, and even modify their vehicles with discounted specials from authorized ClubLexus vendors!

Currently offered in the ClubLexus store are t-shirts and Cutter & Buck® polo shirts that come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. With a simple yet classic design of the embroidered logo at the left breast, the shirts will appeal to those looking for something to wear in both a professional and social environment. Also in the store are full stainless steel coffee mugs and even Cutter & Buck® "Around the World" jackets that are technically coated for wind and water repellency.

ClubLexus Mug
ClubLexus Polo Shirt
ClubLexus Jacket
ClubLexus T-Shirt

With many new items such as key chains, license plate frames, and a ClubLexus CD to be offered in the future, the new store will truly become a virtual gift shop for all Lexus and ClubLexus enthusiasts!

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