Fixing Nicks and Scratches is Now Easier!

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The Problem

Your car is subjected to abuse every time you back out of your driveway. It might be blasted by sand as you pass by a construction site, or pounded with pebbles as you swerve around that meandering dump truck, or showered with gravel as you zip over a fresh asphalt patch. Even parking your car at the mall or the supermarket exposes it to scrapes from the person parked next to you opening their door.

There are only so many precautions you can take. You can park in a spot so far away it will take a global positioning system to find your way back. You can drive around with a car cover on. You?ll just need to cut out openings for the doors and windows. You could even hire an armed escort to surround your car wherever you go. These solutions, though imaginative, are impractical. Face it. You drive a Lexus, not a tank. It?s going to get chipped and scratched.

The Contenders

There are shelves filled with products just waiting for you to bring to the register. Polishes, putties, rubbing compounds, and touch-ups. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Polishes and rubbing compounds let you buff out the tiniest of nicks and the surface scratches. That’s a lot of elbow grease for very little return. Touch-ups are simple and straight-forward. You brush them on and the scratch is gone. However, unless you’re an artist with years of training, those tiny little lines from that brush are always going to show. Repainting your Lexus is unnecessary when a high quality touch-up product will do.

The Solution

The AutoSharp Pen was designed and developed after years of work in the field and in the lab. The first thing you’ll notice is its remarkable resemblance to a felt tip marker. The slim lines, familiar cap, and fancy gold lettering is similar to what you’d find at any good stationary store. The first hint that it’s something different is when you shake it. That rattle is the sound of a miniature ball stirring the glossy urethane paint in the barrel. Once the paint is mixed, uncap the AutoSharp Pen and gently depress the tip on a smooth flat surface, letting the paint surround the end until the tip is moist. Then wipe the dirt from the target area, dab it with a little alcohol to remove the wax, and you’re ready to begin. In minutes, the paint is dry and because the paint is matched to your car’s original paint code, the scratches and chips all but disappear.

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