The Crafted Line: Lexus Luxury in Black and White

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Lexus has absolutely been killing it lately–especially with the F lineup–and now it’s boosting the brand even more with a program called the Crafted Line. 

Essentially, the Crafted Line offers Lexus owners a bit more customization and personalization to their cars by way of two special edition trims. Paint will be limited to two unique colors not offered on the regular lineup–Ultra White, and Obsidian–which the company promises will make for a “striking” exterior finish. Compound those new paints with contrasting door handles and a slick two-tone interiors, and the effect should be excellent. 
The Crafted Line will also employ other outward touches such as a mesh grill–depending on the model–and a few different front and rear fascia’s. The cars will also get performance and luxury enhancements to better help bathe the occupants in the richness Lexus has been so well adept at making.
Lexus is also attempting to bring back a relatively lost feature–except on ultra-high end marque–by offering custom luggage. Honestly? Most people buying these cars won’t really care about this feature, but the fact the company is doing this is very cool. I’d love to see this return as an option in most road cars, because I think it adds a sense of pride of ownership, and harkens back to a time where road trips were much more important. 
Volume for the line-up will be very low, especially for some of the company’s best sellers. Take for instance the always-popular RX, which will only get a total of some 1500 units enhanced by the Crafted Line. The entire lineup will be available to view at Pebble Beach, and the launch of the car is expected in November will the lowest base price expected to be around $42,000. 
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