The Car Worth Waiting For: Lexus LF-LC

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It may sound far off but 2017 is less than 4 years away. According to Car & Driver, the Lexus LF-LC will be one of “The Cars Worth Waiting For” for 2014-2017. The LF-LC is a luxury hybrid coupe concept conceived by the in-house designers at CALTY in Newport Beach, CA. It’s said that the LF-LC will be the Aston Martin DB9 fighter everyone has been longing for.

The folks at C&D say the LF-LC will have a 500 HP hybrid powertrain which will be good to compete with the likes of the Maserati Gran Turismo, Aston Martin DB9 and Jaguar XKR. No new details have been mentioned about the LF-LC or it’s official name but we hope the LF-LC will become the worthy successor to the beloved first generation SC. Expect the 2017 LF-LC to arrive sometime in 2016.

Source: [Car & Driver]

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