Speculation: Lexus’s New F Model

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According to sources at Jalopnik, Lexus has announced there’s going to be a new F model shown next month at the Detroit Auto Show. No strong confirmations as of yet other than a few teaser photos – vibrant blue, a large multi-spoke gunmetal wheel, aggressive side vents, and an F badge.

Lexus is claiming it will be a “bold, gritty, experience synonymous with the famed Lexus F heritage.” So maybe it’s a Lexus IS F, or more realistically, the recently unveiled GS F. I’d bet on the GS F being their big unveiling.

Jalopnik’s community isn’t taking very well to Lexus’s claims – pointing out the brand’s relatively short history with ‘tradition’ and ‘heritage’, their hate it or love it styling language as of late, and generally, lackluster performance line. Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to see what Lexus comes up with to fight off the M5 and/or the M3/M4. If this new model is the RC F-Sport (as one commenter speculates), it might be pretty awesome.

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