Signature Guidelines

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    When members make posts in the forum, they have a choice to include
their own signatures at the end of their posts. It gives members a
chance to customize their username on the forum more and in some cases
help people remember you. However, in order to avoid members having too
large of a signature ClubLexus has laid down rules on the sizes of the
signatures as well.

    You are limited to no more than 100 characters (spaces included) in
your signature. On top of that, you are allowed to have a picture of no
larger than 450 pixels wide and 100 pixels high. The picture can be
jpeg, gif, or bmp, but the overall size cannot be larger than 50KB. You
are not allowed to have any kind of advertising in the signature as

For every signature there cannot be any kind of offensive or inappropriate content, for example:

  1. Pornographic
  2. Racism
  3. Foul language
  4. Violence
  5. Tobacco
  6. Alcohol

    Any inappropriate signatures will be removed
immediately and a warning will be sent out to individual member. In
serious or repeated cases ClubLexus reserves the right to suspend the
memberships. Please use your judgment to create your signatures. If you
have any questions regarding you signature please contact the
administrator at [email protected]

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