SEMA 2013: The Lowest Lexus’ At SEMA

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PlatinumVIPLSLatemodel (3).JPG

I kept an eye out while walking the SEMA show floor for weird stuff, but mostly it was absent. There was, however, a lot of low stuff. Like… really low. Stance fiends, take note.

These two dumped LS’ were in the Platinum VIP booth, just chilling. The kits are by Job Design, a manufacturer that’s distributed under the Platinum VIP brand. The car is suspended on aircups and coilovers and the wheels are Works. For fans of the VIP scene, these two are about as textbook as you can get.

They still look dope though.

PlatinumVIPLSLatemodel (2).JPG
PlatinumVIPLSLatemodel (3).JPG
PlatinumVIPLSLatemodel (1).JPG

I actually prefer the late model LS in this case, weirdly. Normally it’s the other way around, but I like the fitment on the flared rear fenders. It just looks good. Also the Work Equips are one of the best wheels of all time. Everything about it is a little oversized, a little bit too much. That’d be bad for your average street car, but in the world of VIP style… It’s perfect.

PlatinumVIP3rdGenLS (1).JPG
PlatinumVIP3rdGenLS (2).JPG
PlatinumVIP3rdGenLS (3).JPG

The 3rd Gen LS is a lot more subtle. The car is a classic at this point anyway, so what else is there to expect. No widebody, just a clean body kit on black wheels with the tires tucked as cleanly as possible. So, so clean. Let me now what you think in the comments!

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