Photo Gallery Guidelines

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    The ClubLexus Gallery is provided to the members as a place to upload
and store their Lexus or car related pictures. Every member has their
own storage limit according to their member status. You can see how
much space you have left in your own gallery page.

    ClubLexus has the right to delete any pictures deemed inappropriate.
Members are responsible for the pictures they upload; uploading
inappropriate pictures will result in warning or even membership
suspension in serious case. ClubLexus reserves the rights for any

Some of the subjects deemed inappropriate are, but not restricted, to the following:

  1. Sexual content
  2. Tobacco
  3. Alcohol
  4. Foul languages
  5. Violence

If pictures are placed in the incorrect sections, ClubLexus has the right to move those pictures to the appropriate sections.

    The above list can be changed without any prior warning. We will
attempt to give out warnings beforehand; however, this is not

If you have any questions regarding the Photo Gallery, please contact the administrator at [email protected].

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