More Renders of the RC F Coupe Surface

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Lexus RC F (1).jpg

Look Lexus. We know it exists. We’ve seen so many photos of the test mules running around by now, there’s no way you’re not building it. If you just hurry up and show us what it looks like, and we can stop with this endless cycle of renders.

Or don’t. The renders are getting pretty cool anyway.

Lexus RC F (2).jpg

These latest pics come courtesy of Best Car magazine. Basically, there’s no guarantee that this is what the the car will look like. That said, after taking into account the spy shots we have seen and Lexus’ current design language, it’s probably not too far off.

It looks good too. The coupe takes the basic shape of the IS and moulds the rear quarters into something a bit more aggressive. The rear wheel wells are huuuge. I doubt there’ll be that much poke in the real car. That said, it would make sense for them to be relatively wide. The word is that the RC F will have a 5 liter V8 and 455 horsepower. Again, this is hear say. Still, 450 horsepower would require some wide rubber. I’m sure those vents don’t hurt either.

What do you think? Are the scoops too much? Just right? Let us know in the comments.

via [GT Spirit]

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