May 2004 Featured Car

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 Screen Name: bluelex
 Age: 25
 Profession: Inventory control manager
 Car model: Lexus GS 300
 Car year: 1998
 Engine size: 3.0 i6
 Color: Spectra Mica Blue


1. Engine:

  1. SRT Intake (Chromed) w/ Race ECU
  2. SRT Heatshield (Chromed)
  3. Rod Millen (Chromed) Strut Bar
  4. Prolex Performance Heat Shield
  5. Color Matched Painted Yellow Top Battery
  6. EFX (Chromed) Battery Terminals
  7. 01 Color Matched Engine Cover/Customized To Fit w/ Chromed Accents
  8. Color Matched Engine Covers
  9. Steel Braided Hose Covers

2. Exhaust:

  1. Borla Exhaust System

3. Suspension:

  1. Teins CS Coilovers
  2. Daizen Anti Sway Bars
  3. Bradi Cross Drilled / Slotted Rotors Front & Rear
  4. Axis Ultimate Pads

4. Exterior:

  1. Rod Millen 5 Pc. Body Kit (Front, Rear, Grill, & Side Skirts)
  2. Junction Produce Taillights
  3. Wings West 3Pc. Spoiler
  4. L-Sportline Roof Spoiler
  5. H.I.D. Headlight & Fog Light Conversion
  6. 50% Plastic Tint

5. Interior:

  1. Sports Design Customized Piping/Including Front & Rear Armrests
  2. Junction Produce V.I.P. Fusa

6. Wheels & Tires:

  1. Zauber Gettins Chrome 20×8.5 Fronts +44 Offset / 20×10 Rears +48 Offsets
  2. Bridgestone So-3’s 245/35/40 Fronts / 275/30/20 Rears

7. Brakes:

  1. Stock

8. Stereo System:

  1. Clarion 7" vrx935vd & 6 Disc Change (Glove Compartment)
  2. Audiobahn 7: LCD Custom Headrests
  3. Audiobahn A3201X Amp
  4. Audiobahn A4401T Amp
  5. Audiobahn ACAP01Q Capacitor
  6. Audiobahn Set of 12’s
  7. MB Quart Mid & High Components
  8. Color Matched Customized Leather Trunk w/ Drop Floor Compartment
  9. Color Matched Customized Leather Trunk Lid

What led you to buy a Lexus?
It was December of 2001. I had just finished paying off my 1994 Honda Accord which I modded as well. I was bored and wanted a new car. I never thought I could afford a Lexus but had an old buddy who I hadn’t seen in a while who worked for a local Lexus dealership. He was actually calling another friend of his at my job telling him what cars came in on trade in that day. My buddy at work wasn’t ready for a new car so he told me if I wanted to go over there and see what came in. so I went there and for the 1st time saw a Spectra Blue GS…I had never seen one before, it was under the dealer lights and I was hooked right there!…I put down a down payment and drove it home the next morning. Ever since, it’s been a pleasure to drive everyday.

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?
Why not? I’ve always loved to modify cars so I knew I would do the same with this one, but I didn’t know I would go this crazy…I wanted to mount a nice set of wheels at 1st, ran into a guy selling some 20’s the same night I went to see the car. So I bought them that night and the next day when I took the car home I took off the ugly stock 16’s and placed them on…I than received a great transfer opportunity to move from N.J. to Florida. So I sold the 20’s, drove down and found and the rest is history like they say.

My goal for my blue lex is for it to become a full show car with some go (F.I.) as well. I am getting my feet wet in the Florida show scene big and small with very good results so far. I eventually hope to make cover or inside feature of a major magazine. I don’t plan on parting with my car for a long time, so I have time to try to reach my goal.

Other than cars? My interests are family and friends. My wife who accepts me for the car nut that I am. She’s been supportive of every decision I’ve made. Some great friends I’ve met along the way. I also love to play and watch sports.




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