June 2004 Featured Car

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 Screen Name: DGOT20s
 Age: 25
 Profession: Corporate account manager
 Car model: Lexus GS 400
 Car year: 1998
 Engine size: 4.0 V8
 Color: Burnished Desert Gold


1. Engine:

  1. Custom Painted Engine Pieces
  2. Torque Master Spark Plugs

2. Exhaust:

  1. L-SPORTLINE Mufflers

3. Suspension:

  1. TEIN HA Coilovers with Electronic Dampening Force Controller (EDFC)

4. Exterior:

  1. TTE Front Lip Spoiler
  2. L-TUNED Grille & Sideskirts
  3. L-SPORTLINE Rear Bumper
  4. L-SPORTLINE Rear Roof Wing
  6. Clear Bumper Lenses
  7. 2001+ Taillights Painted Candy Red
  8. 35/20% Window Tint

5. Interior:

  1. None

6. Wheels & Tires:

  1. 20×8.5fr / 20x10rr iFORGED TECHNIK Hi-Polish Finish (Face, Lip, InnerBarell),
  2. 245/35-20fr / 275/30-20rr Nitto 555 tires

7. Brakes:

  1. BRADI Cross-Drilled/Slotted Rotors (FR/RR)
  2. Rotora Axxis Ultimate Pads

8. Stereo System:

  1. Nakamichi Factory Stereo

What led you to buy a Lexus?
My introduction to the Lexus mystique was in 1995, when my uncle bought a brand new Triple Black SC400. The smooth power, great styling, and beautiful interior made a great impression on me. I was only 16 then, but after selling my first car (Honda Accord), in 2001 I was able to purchase a 1996 Lexus GS300, there is simply no other vehicle that combines the traits of this marque: Quality, Reliability, Styling, Amenities, Brand Equity, and Value.

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?
I take the "Blank Canvas" approach to my vehicles. Before I purchased my GS300, I was amazed that with mods, the look of vehicle could be totally transformed, yet still tasteful. I discovered the online sites, and magazines, etc. and I have been hooked on modding ever since. I modify my Lexus because it is a solid foundation, that simply needs to be "enhanced" in certain areas. I like the precise control I have over the outcome of my automotive projects. Modding my vehicle is my hobby and it is a great source of entertainment for me. I must say that the comraderie here on this site also plays a part in the satisfaction I derive from modding. It is great to have a nucleaus of like minded individuals that can appreciate the finer points of these Lexus vehicles. I have made good friends with a few fellow members. Thumbs up to my ClubLexus bretheren!

Cars are probably one of my greatest interests, I have been a die hard car nut since I was about five-years old!! My father was really into cars and he used to sit me in the window and make me name every car that went by! Every now and again he will tell me "Man I created a monster". The love affair is about as strong today as it was when I was a kid (I can actually buy one now, as opposed to just reading about it in car magazines!). I also enjoy going out to nightclubs with my friends, listening to music and spending time with my ladies (Girlfriend and Daughter).


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