LX 570 Sittin’ On Chrome In The Middle East

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Not exactly “Sittin’ On Chrome” but actually a 2013 Lexus LX 570 fully wrapped in chrome. This bright and shiny LX with its new signature spindle grille is sure to keep your passengers cool and look cool while you’re cruising down the streets.

This the first chrome wrapped LX 570 in the world and is proudly owned by Mr. E. Kanoo of Bahrain. This is the same E. Kanoo that owns an amazing collection of vehicles including the world’s fastest Toyota Supra, the most powerful Lexus IS F in the world and several Lexus LFA’s including a rare Black Nürburgring Package.
This bright LX is more than just looks, it is functional as well. In order to protect the LX 570’s paint from sand damage and the heat, the wrap was done. To keep the occupants cool inside, limo tint was applied to all windows. So in a sense the chrome reflects the desert heat as the tint keeps the interior cool as well as providing privacy. So when you’re rolling around town, you can be seen and not be seen at the same time! 
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Photos Courtesy: E. Kanoo

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