LFA Returning to the Nurburgring With Two 86’s in Tow

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Gazoo Racing’s LFA is no stranger to the Nurburgring, with four 24hr endurance races under their belt. They’re bringing it back for the fifth time this weekend, this time though, two GT86‘s are coming along.

The LFA has been extremely competitive in at the nurburgring over during the past four years it’s been racing. They placed 3rd in their class last year, and placed 1st in year before that. That’s quite a feat considering the competiton includes the likes of the Chevrolet Corvette and the 458 Italia.

Gazoo’s two GT86’s will be racing with decidedly less challenging fare, like Honda’s S2000. They won’t be the only 86’s on the field though. The Toyota Swiss Racing team will also be on the track with two 86s of their own. They’ll be racing in a different class however, so it won’t really be a sibling rivalry. All said, the (already interesting) Nurburgring Endurance race got a lot more engaging.

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