LFA 493: The Final Lexus LFA For Europe

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Lexus Europe just announced the final LFA delivery to a customer in Switzerland. LFA 493 in Whitest White is the final LFA to arrive in Europe although no other details were divulged. Lexus Europe however shared that a total of 40 LFAs were sent to Europe while Whitest White & Pearl White were the most popular colors. Only one person in the European Union ordered three LFAs.

Here are the numbers published by Lexus Europe but the totals don’t add up. We suspect some of these units are either unsold or kept anonymous from the total count. Accordng to the totals, 40 were sent to Europe but only 33 were accounted for. 4 Nürburgring Packages were sold but it’s not known which counties they went to. It’s not surprising that Germany sold the most LFA’s and we do know LFA 001 is in the Netherlands.

LFA Europe Totals:

15 – Germany
6 – Switzerland
5 – United Kingdom
4 – Netherlands
3 – France
4  LFA Nürburgring Package
1 LFA Europe customer ordered 3

40 – LFA destined to Europe

Here is the color breakdown for the European LFAs. Only 27 were accounted for in this mix. It’s probable that the 13 unaccounted LFAs were part of the 20 special order colors.
LFA Europe Color Breakdown:

7 – Whitest White

7 – Pearl White
5 – Black
4 – Pearl Red
2 – Pearl Blue
2  – Pearl Yellow

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Courtesy: Lexus Europe

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