Lexus Trademarks “GS F”

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It’s not an early April fools joke, but a late breaking discovery of a new patent filing by Lexus. A direct tip came immediately from our good friend, Senior Editor & Admin of my.IS, jruhi4. He alerted us that the info has been posted on the forums on my.IS, but after a few clicks over to our own Car Chat section, an identical post was made on our site first!

According to the post initiated by k3vo, it appears that TMC has filed application #85877105 with the U.S. Patent Office for the trademark GS F. Now we’ve been talking about and covering the latest buzz about the long-awaited GS F but this latest and exciting news is making us wonder when and what. While no official word has come from Lexus yet, but we hope official word will come in the near future.

Are we one step closer to this missing M5 and E63 AMG killer? You can talk about it in our GS F discussion HERE! >>

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