Lexus Grabs Coveted Spot on Consumer Reports Reliability Guide

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2016 Lexus ES300h

Once again, Lexus leads the industry in outstanding performance and dependability.

Consumer Reports car guides and reviews are the go-to guide for many consumers. We remember our parents subscribing to the magazine just for the car issues. And those magazines were kept for years, used as sacred and sage references for all future car (and maybe coffee maker) purchases.

Well, it’s that time of year again, this year’s ranking of Car Brands Reliability was just released and will run in the December issue. Lexus owners and enthusiasts will be very pleased as Lexus came in at number 2 on the list of 27 nameplates. In a year that saw a lot of change among many brands, and some surprising gains and losses, Lexus stayed firmly at the top.

Lexus IS

Consumer Reports‘ ratings are a huge undertaking, in no small part because of its flawless reputation as being trusted by car owners. To compile this report, the magazine surveys owners of almost 640,000 vehicles. Their team does exhaustive research and the results are primarily based on how well vehicles have performed and sustained over time. They weigh in the likelihood that a car owner would face additional issues or repairs. They include additional factors such as safety, comfort, accessibility, overall driving experience, and consumer satisfaction. From this staggering pile of data, they score each brand on a scale from 1 to 100, with the average score being 40 to 60 points. Lexus, not content to be average, scored well above that with a 77.

Consumer Reports Reliability

The Lexus ES was cited as the best model for the brand, and rated most reliable Lexus overall. However the Lexus IS and GS also ranked very well, and all three placed in the Ten Most Reliable Cars list, a pretty remarkable achievement.

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