Lexus Rep Talks about Driving the 2018 Lexus LS500

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2018 Lexus LS500

The ClubLexus community shares its questions and concerns with the 2018 LS500.

This discussion on the 2018 Lexus LS500 was started by a Lexus Dealership Representative from Indiana, who had recently completed the company program with the sleek, new sedan. He offered some insight on the car and opened the floor for questions and to those who wanted to voice their opinions on what they do and don’t like about the new LS500.

The Introduction

Back in November, a ClubLexus user named “INLexusRep” started his thread on the 2018 Lexus LS500. He explained his time with the new car and included the pictures shown here of the premium sedan.

Just completed my Launch tour at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and this car is PHENOMENAL. We compared side by side as well as drove the MB S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, and Tesla. The Lexus LS500 blows all of these vehicles away. The interior & exterior fit/finish is absolutely stunning. The wood, floating door handles, safety features (Lexus Safety System Plus – A), the beautiful grill are all AMAZING. Seating is incredibly comfortable in all packages. I prefer the non F-Sport as far as looks go. The front grill draws you in. This 5th generation LS is AWESOME!!

Two exclamation points and typing in caps? You know that he was serious.

Question on Noise Levels

Dave144239” was the first person to ask a question about the 2018 Lexus LS500:

How do you find interior noise levels compared to the 460? I believe they are using active noise cancellation in the 500, so it may be quieter.

The OP replied with this:

It’s a quiet ride, hard to tell if it is anymore quiet. I was on the track majority of the time which is a very smooth surface. I was not able to drive it out in town. I will say it feels nothing like the 460 inside. It drives very much like the LC and does not feel like a large sedan.

In response to the noise level discussion, “jzqj55” replied with this input:

A recent video test of the ls500 noted the noise when stepping into the twin turbo. The typical noise of a 6 cyl toyota

Thought they would have done a v8 w/ cyl deactivation.

Granted it’s early, but I expected more advances – especially after so many years. And I think the styling is not what people in this segment are looking for – s550 better inside and out

LS500 Front End

Driver’s Seat Legroom Addressed

Next, the point of driver’s seat legroom was brought up by “rgs92”:

In the Motortrend article, it says the 2018 LS front legroom is 41 inches, down from 43.7 in the older generation. This seems like a downgrade and a potential problem for taller folks. Maybe the seating position is higher, but it seems stingy, especially in comparison to the G90 or the S-Class. Even the Infiniti Q70 has 44.4 inches.

The OP didn’t reply to that, but “SW15LS “did, offering the following insight:

Seating position is actually lower. Going to have to face facts that this is a car built for style and dynamics, not for sheer space and comfort. Think more Panamara than S Class.

dsc07” chimed in to voice his concerns about the lack of interior space while also taking a shot at the spindle grille design:

Yes, and can someone explain to me how the overall height on the LS500 is 4 inches greater than the LC500, but the headroom is virtually the same (37.3 vs 37.2). What the hell happened to the other 3.9 inches? What moron designed this thing? Probably the same genius that gave us the hideousness they call the spindle grill.

Finally, “wdlugitch” joined in on the spindle-hate:

Agree the grill is ” hideousness .

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