Lexus Performance Driving School

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The Lexus Performance Driving School is Lexus’ new creative way to help attendees learn about the various vehicle capabilities and receive professional driving lessons. The program is a one-day course that teaches students how to be a better driver in their daily life after gaining the knowledge of racing techniques. During the nine-hour day, the group is divided into four units and to participate in nine different activities.

One important activity was to participate in a classroom setting to learn various key principles of vehicle dynamics as well as become familiarized with how to address different control features. The students also took part in driving several different Lexus vehicles that included the LS 430, GS 430, IS 300 5-Speed, and IS 300 E-Shift.

Using the LS 430, they learned about over steering, under steering, and how to keep the car under control. With the GS 430 model, the students were able to test the anti-lock break system. Finally, with the IS 300 vehicles, the instructors taught everyone how and where to make turns around a race track setting. The last activity that the students were able to partake in was the hot laps. During this time, participants had the opportunity to sit in with Team Lexus pro-drivers in their fully stripped GS 400 cars.

Overall, the Lexus Performance Driving School was designed around a fun, exhilarating, and exciting day. Whether a driver’s interest is in style or sport, Lexus proudly upholds high standards of both luxury and performance and has proven to successfully teach its participants in the driving school to drive their vehicles to their full potentials.


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