Team Lexus’ Chuck Goldsborough and Super Model, Rachel Hunter, Appear at GX 470 Debut

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Lexus unveiled the GX 470, their latest sport utility vehicle, in 2002 at the North American Auto Show. Two people, Chuck Goldsborough from Team Lexus and the super model, Rachel Hunter, were also there to help kick off the new middle child of SUV’s in the Lexus family. Goldsborough, the fellow on the left, is the driver of the #0 Team Lexus IS 300. He brought Team Lexus to the first place spot at Daytona International Speedway by winning the Sport Touring I division Team Championship.

Lexus executives with Team Lexus driver, Chuck Goldsborough, on the left, and Rachel Hunter in the middle.

Super model Rachel Hunter, originally a native of New Zealand, was also there to help kick things off. Rachel Hunter is now involved in many worldwide charity organizations, trying to help use her celebrity status to further increase involvement with various programs. The other people in the picture happen to be Lexus executives that were more than happy to see their newest addition to the Lexus family debut.

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