Lexus NX Hybrid Mule Spied!

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And it looks like the guys guarding it weren’t to happy to see this camera guy come around. At all. Corporate secrecy is serious business. The Fast Lane Car still got a pretty good walk around view of this test mule despite their interfering. 

That said, the prototype is pretty well covered up. You can’t really get an idea of what the styling looks like underneath all that black plastic. Besides, there were about a million bodies that appeared out of nowhere to protect that thing from prying eyes. I wonder if that privacy feature will make it to the final version? I’m guessing not.

Honestly, there’s no guarantee this is the NX either. It looks a lot like the Rav 4. But would they be testing the Rav 4 against a BMW and an Audi? I think not. See for yourself in the video below!

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