Lexus Grill Copied Onto Chinese Sedan

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Huh. Now, where have a seen a grill design like that before. I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

What you’re looking at isn’t a Lexus, but the brand new Lifan 630 Sedan. I’ve seen quite a few knockoffs before, but none quite as specific as this.

Chinese auto manufacturers have been lifting design cues from globally popular car brands for years now. It’s not even the first time they’ve knocked off Lexus. The BYD S7 is basically a copy of the Lexus RX. Lifan in particular has been egregious with their copy catting. Another model of theirs is basically a carbon copy of the Mini Cooper.

This one is the first I’ve seen that borrows Lexus’ new grill. Since the rest of the car is about as visually interesting as blank wall, the grill stands out. Really, it’s the car’s only notable feature.

Truth is the reason anyone would want to buy a Lifan 630 is the price. In China, it’ll only cost you 54,900 yuan, or roughly $9,000. That’s about two grand less than the Nissan Versa, which is currently the cheapest car you can buy in the US. Not bad, right?


via [AutoEvolution]

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