Lexus Europe Releases 2014 CT 200h Commercial

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I’ll be honest – I’ve loved the CT200h since day one. It’s arguably one of the best looking hatchbacks in recent history, and even with its ho-hum performance, it’s rated highly as a great entry level car with solid road demeanor and driving dynamics.

I have a certain spot in my chest for the plucky little hatch (much of it just from how it looks) so you can understand my skepticism when the announcement for the 2014 year model would include a refresh of the front fascia to include Lexus’s signature spindle grille.

To be honest? I like it. A lot. Maybe the Lexus design language is starting to grow on me. Maybe the proportions of the hatchback make the spindle a little more bearable and for some reason, not quite so garish. Maybe it’s the updated LED band running lights, the updated rear bumper, or the beautiful red seats.

Whatever it is (probably all of that) – I like it. A lot. 

via [Lexus Enthusiast]

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