NFL legend Matt Leinart and Lexus Introduce Antidote to ‘Roughing’ Rule

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Sports star helps Lexus show off advanced safety technology.

As Super Bowl LIII approaches, Lexus is offering an antidote to this season’s controversial “roughing the passer” rule. The rule, which was designed to better protect quarterbacks from physical harm, has sparked no shortage of debate–with fans, analysts, coaches, defenders and quarterbacks alike questioning whether its enforcement has gone too far.

Lexus has released a new video featuring Heisman Trophy winner and former quarterback Matt Leinart. In the clip, the automaker reveals a suite of innovations designed to make quarterbacks literally untouchable.

Lexus Quarterback Safety System+ Matt Leinart

The features include:

  • Blind Side Monitor: Lets quarterbacks know the exact moment they need to fall into a fetal position to avoid a tackle.
  • 360 Pocket Protection Camera: Gives quarterbacks a bird’s-eye view of the pocket and more time to move outside the tackle box to find the optimal safe position to throw the ball away.
  • Boo Dampening: Blocks boos and converts criticism into positive reinforcement to protect the quarterback’s vulnerable ego.
  • Scramble Maps: Guides the quarterback along the safest route to an open patch of grass where they can harmlessly slide to end the play.
  • QB Cocoon: Patented radar-enabled, seven-airbag cocoon creates a bubble of safety, allowing the quarterback to fall to the ground with a pillowy soft landing.
  • UX QB Escort: The safest way from the huddle to the sideline comes standard with the Lexus Safety System+ 2.0.

Lexus Quarterback Safety System+

The advanced technology, dubbed QBSS+ (Quarterback Safety System+) by Lexus, was inspired by the class-leading standard safety system in the first-ever Lexus UX compact crossover, which launched earlier this month. From new low-light pedestrian detection and daytime bicyclist detection technology to built-in cameras that help provide road sign information, the UX’s suite of standard active safety equipment is one of the most comprehensive safety systems ever offered in a Lexus.

Lexus Quarterback Safety System+ Matt Leinart

“The launch timing of both the QBSS+ and the first-ever UX with the championship football season was particularly serendipitous,” said Lisa Materazzo, vice president of Lexus marketing.

In addition to the long-form video, the campaign includes pre-roll on the NFL’s website, GIFs, paid social, and will appear on the YouTube masthead on February 2. A 30-second cut-down of the video will air during championship season starting with the Pro Bowl on January 27 on ABC/ESPN, with additional airings on NFL Network and ESPN/ESPN2.

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