Let’s Get Ready to Rumble — Lexus RC F GT3

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Who dares to say Lexus is not serious about more sports and racing again?  As if the already announced RC F is not enough to steal the spotlight, Lexus has also debuted the Lexus RC F GT3.

Granted, the RC F GT3 isn’t a car that you can readily purchase and drive on the street, but it’s very clear that Lexus is focusing a lot on creating sporty cars that look good and are fun to drive, with extreme cars like this RC F GT3 pushing the envelop to prove their engineering effort.

The wild exterior aerodynamic treatment on the car is expected with significantly widned fenders and gigantic rear spoiler.  Both the exterior and interior got extensive weight reduction treatment as well, as the car weighs in at only 2,755.8lb.  With the modified RC F engine pushing more than 540hp, one can only imagine the performance of this vehicle on the track.

Lexus will be testing the RC F GT3 this year and start supplying the cars for various racing next year.  Can’t wait to see their latest race car in races like the 24 Hours of Nürburgring!

source [Lexus]

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