LF-LC: Re-Birth of the SC

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Lexus is clearly realizing the importance of coupes in their lineup since they are trying to make the brand “younger” and more engaged in driving fun.

20 years ago Lexus came out with the first SC and it was a mind-blowing design. It was so ahead of its time, even 10 years from now and the car will still look stylish. However, when Lexus followed up with the second generation SC430, they took a very different route. The car was more of a cruiser with a hard top and more focus on ride than performance. When Lexus ended the SC430 run in 2010, there has been no word on any successor.

Lexus did come out with the IS-C, a hardtop convertible based on the second generation IS. To be honest, it doesn’t look all that nice and exciting at all.  Then there’s the ultimate: The LFA. But unless you have close to $400k to swing for one of the 500 copies, it’s not a car for everyone.

Finally last year Lexus announced the new RC, a very exciting and much needed coupe in the Lexus lineup.  However, the RC is still no SC replacement.  It’s aimed towards the compact sports segment against the BMW 4 series, Mercedes C coupe, and the Audi A5.  The SC should be something bigger that goes against the high end market.

Lexus’ answer is the LF-LC.  It’s a concept vehicle that Lexus has demonstrated quite heavily the past year at various auto shows, and the rumor is that it’s likely the car will go into production.  It’s still up in the air what kind of spec the car will have, but given the size and interior concept design, it’s not hard to see that the car is going to be the new SC.

Best Car magazine decided to create a rendering of the potential production SC, a combination of the LF-LC concept with design hues from the RC and typical F Sport treatment.

I will let you be the judge on this.  I only have one word: WANT!

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