Jeremy Clarkson on the RC F: “Hate to Admit I Quite Like It.”

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All car enthusiasts know about Top Gear–and plenty of people who aren’t obsessed with cars still know who Jeremy Clarkson is. Love him or hate him, he’s never shy about his opinions, and he posted this gem a few days ago regarding the new RC F:


This is an impressive statement from the famously snarky presenter–especially given how much he used to bash Lexus in the past. But hey, things can change right? And this isn’t the first time Clarkson has praised Lexus. Just last year, after spending time in the LFA, he declared the Lexus supercar “the best car I’ve ever driven.” Coming from a guy who gets to hop behind the wheel of all kinds of supercars day in and day out, it’s quite a compliment on the 

efforts of Lexus.
Clarkson’s remark is yet another sign how Lexus is evolving, and focusing on building cars which not only look good, but are also fun to drive. The IS F paved the road, the LFA set the tone, and now it’s about execution. The RC F is going to be the third Lexus wearing the F badge, and seems like it’s one highly anticipated car. Bring it, Lexus! 
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