January 2005 Featured Car

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 Screen Name: cutecboy
 Age: 23
 Profession: Student
 Car model: Lexus LS 400
 Car year: 1990
 Engine size: 4.0 liter V8
 Color: Pearl White


1. Engine:

  1. Vortech custom V2SQ super charger
  2. Spearco intercooler
  3. Greedy oil catch can
  4. Chrome intake piping
  5. Engineer Fuel management unit
  6. Nology plug wires
  7. Vortech bypass valve
  8. Vortech pulley
  9. Custom battery relocation kit
  10. Stainless steel braided lines

2. Exhaust:

  1. D1 dual cat-back exhaust

3. Suspension:

  1. SMC air suspension
  2. SMC valves
  3. Velio Tank and 420cc air compressors
  4. Tanabe upper strut bar
  5. Chrome suspension cylinders

4. Exterior:

  1. 2001 Lexus LS 400 front-end conversion
  2. Platinum white with silver pearls
  3. Custom fender flares
  4. Rando body kit (Japan)
  5. Insurance three-piece spoiler (Japan)
  6. Tail lamps, clear signal lamps (Japan)
  7. Crossroad hood bonnet, chrome mirrors and door garnish, door sills (Japan)
  8. Tranz hood grill
  9. Celsior badge (Japan)
  10. X-tec 7000k HID

5. Interior:

  1. Cappuccino suede with Gucci interior
  2. Nardi luxury steering wheel
  3. Bozz chrome shift knob
  4. Burl wood interior dash trim kit
  5. Autometer carbon series gauges (boost, tempature, voltage and air/fuel)
  6. Junction Produce fusa (Japan)

6. Wheels:

  1. Keonig forged three piece wheels 18×9.5 front +13 18×12 rear +9
  2. Toyo t1-s Tires 235/35/20 Rear
  3. Toyo t1-s Tires 265/30/20 Front
  4. Sumimoto 4 piston calipers (Japan)

7. I.C.E.

  1. Custom fiberglass trunk (wrapped in suede)
  2. Eclipse 6.5” LCD in-dash head unit
  3. Diamond audio m351 components (front)
  4. Eclipse 2 way (rear)
  5. Nesa DVD/CD/MP3 player
  6. Two 6.5” lcd tv in headrest
  7. Kicker 1200W Mono Amplifier
  8. Kicker 600W series Amplifier
  9. Two 15" Kicker Solobaric L5 subs
  10. One Rockford Fosgate Digital Capacitors
  11. Crime stopper cs2015 two-way paging alarm w/ remote start
  12. Two Optima yellow top battery

What led you to buy a Lexus?
I bought the car in Hawaii when I was in the Army. I never really thought about making changes to the car until I start digging in to the VIPCAR magazine. That is when I ordered a Rando body kit from Japan. After that the rest was history… I then put on exhaust and from there, it is like a never ending story. It is a passion. There is no easy way in this scene; if you want to be VIP styling, you have to do it right and that to me is slammed, big-lip wheels. There is no other way around it. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to complete this car, and believe it or not, my car is still not done.

I enjoy sleeping, working out, playing computer or any other stationary games, traveling, beach riding my motorcycle and drifting the 240sx. I also enjoy going to car shows and checking out what is new out there and future possible modification parts. Oh, since I am young, I like am very interested in girls. 🙂

Basically my car is a show-car. I am affiliated with Team Illmatic. On November 27th, my car took first place in the Lexus class; I was very happy with that. All the hard work paid off and now I am going for many photo shoot in public magazine coverage and online video magazines. Check me out in the up coming import racer and many other magazines.

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?
I choose to modify my Lexus because I have always liked the import scene, but I had to do a car to a certain spec that no one really wanted to do because they thought it was too much work. Because of that reason, my main goal I wanted to be the first to create a true VIP styling vehicle. As I mentioned before, this passion started all the way back from when I was still in Hawaii. I bought the LS 400 and then picked up some magazines I could not believe what I saw and ever since then this is what I wanted to do. My next car will definitely be a LS 430 and rest assure, it will be fully built as well.

Lastly I like to thank these people for all the effort they put in to try to help me complete my car:

  1. Team Illmatic
  2. My brothers
  3. My parents putting up with my crazy modifications
  4. NU Image for air suspension
  5. CTL Motorsports
  6. Nology
  7. Steve who did my sound system
  8. John from vipstylecars.com
  9. Toyo tires
  10. Optima battery
  11. Anyone else that I forgot…



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