Introducing a New ClubLexus Sponsor: LexTech

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Lextech Lighting was born out of need. What began as a hobby to help fellow Club Lexus members grew overtime into
a supply and demand business whereas the problems with lighting were becoming more of an issue. L.L.S. needed to make a decision to go forward or not at all. Due to the constantly overwhelming demand for Lexus specialty lighting as well as repair and service, L.L.S. has launched a nationwide campaign to proudly supply all Lexus owners with something they have never had…… a choice. With a rock solid reputation for delivering top notch workmanship and quality parts, L.L.S. is proud to join forces with the very web site that initially started it all.

Our goals are clear. Total satisfaction, top notch customer service, and the ultimate in product support. Lextech Lighting Systems not only has a web site to display the products offered, we have also created a product support forum to chat with other L.L.S. customers and get support, as well as a full E-Commerce store for you to purchase all of your favorite L.L.S. products.

Lextech Lighting Systems produces custom needle and back light replacement services for the ES, SC, and GS line of instrument clusters, as well as lighting solutions for the climate systems in the ES and SC models (GS coming soon). We also provide services for factory AND aftermarket illumination color changes for all stereo gear.

Lextech Lighting Systems
Contact: [email protected]

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