2004 First Annual ClubLexus Pillar of the Community Award

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This is the first annual ClubLexus Pillar of the Community Award. The ClubLexus Pillar of the Community Award is presented to a member who has taken exceptional steps in enhancing the image and reputation of ClubLexus. As a result of this member�s efforts, both the online community and its members have benefited from the many outstanding contributions to ClubLexus.

The qualifications for receiving this award include:

  1. Displaying dedication towards the pursuit of ClubLexus’ vision.
  2. Displaying dedication to upholding the integrity of the forums.
  3. Respecting the rules and policies of ClubLexus.
  4. Obtaining the respect of fellow ClubLexus members.

This year’s award goes to Dave W., commonly known as DaveGS4. Here are a few of Dave’s favorite pictures of his modified GS 400:


Front Quarter Shot


Side Shot

Dave has been working closely with the ClubLexus administration since October, 2002. Since then, he has put countless hours of his own time throughout each day helping to maintain the forums. His tasks range from answering simple questions to planning, organizing and implementing large projects and ideas. He also provides valuable suggestions, many of which are implemented into ClubLexus. Through his work, he has obtained the respect of his fellow members. Dave is not just a ClubLexus member. He is also a leader and a friend.

As a gesture of appreciation, the ClubLexus administration team would like to present Dave a package from Junction Produce which consists of the following products: Junction Produce GS tail lights, Junction Produce FUSA and a Junction Produce DVD.

1.) Junction Produce GS tail lights


Junction Produce Tail Lights


2.) Junction Produce FUSA


Junction Produce FUSA

Junction Produce FUSA Inside A Lexus

Hey, Look At The Junction Produce FUSA!

3.) Junction Produce DVD.

The ClubLexus administration would like to appreciate John (JunctionGS) from Junction Produce USA for helping sponsor this award.

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