In Face of Competition, Lexus to Offer New Models

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Having lost some of its market share to German rivals, Lexus is not going down without a fight. The marque is supposedly going to be releasing four new models in the near future. Among these are a compact soft-roader, an affordable luxury sedan and a seven-seat SUV.


Lexus will also offer a wider range of customization options to allow
customers to pick and choose until they get the trim, color, finish,
body style and engine options which their enthusiastic heart’s desire,
just as like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi offers.

The new models come at a time when Lexus has just nine body styles,
including the recent addition of the CT200h and the LFA supercar
(pictured above). Compare that to 18 for BMW, 20 for Audi and 20 for
Mercedes-Benz 20 and you can see why Lexus is making changes. 

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