GT86 Attempts to Transform into LFA, Fails

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ToyotaGT-TurnedLFA (3).jpg

Well, effort has to count for something right? Right?

Look, okay, so they might’ve failed horribly. But lets examine some of the redeeming factors:

1. You’ll never lose your car in a parking lot full of other GT86s. 
2. It costs A LOT less than an LFA. 
3. Your average oblivious person won’t know the difference. 
4. …
5. Profit?

Honestly, I don’t think I would hate this nearly as much as I do if it wasn’t for that three tone paint. What version of the LFA comes in more than once color? None, because Lexus though better than to paint their car like a tennis shoe. All this one is missing is the lime green inserts to complete the full crosstrainer-on-wheels look. 

ToyotaGT-TurnedLFA (1).jpg

ToyotaGT-TurnedLFA (2).jpg
ToyotaGT-TurnedLFA (4).jpg

via [AutoEvolution]

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