Give Your SF a Slick Dropped Stance: Marketplace Find

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Lowered Lexus GS F Side

RSR springs and custom wheel spacers lower the Lexus GS-F and widen the stance just enough.

The early 4th generation Lexus GS F came from the factory with an aggressive stance, but a small suspension drop and slightly wider tires go a long way in making the high performance GS even sportier. The problem is that buying lowering springs, wider wheels and wider tires can quickly get very expensive, but in flipping through the Club Lexus Marketplace, we found a $350 package that will give your Lexus that sportier stance.

Springs and Spacers

This marketplace post was made by “narekat23”, who had these items on his early 4th generation GS F, but when he turned it in at the end of his lease period, he pulled the aftermarket upgrades off and put them up for sale on the website.

Dropped Lexus GS F Passenger Front

Hey Everyone! I recently turned in my lease on my GS350 F sport rear wheel drive. I have these RSR Superdown springs and custom made spacers for available for $350 for all. Please let me know if your interested. The car looked amazing with both installed.

The OP also included a spread of pictures of the items themselves, along with several shots of his GS F with the drop springs and spacers installed.

Lexus GS F Wheel Spacer Close

Product Details

According to the RSR website, these springs will work on any rear-drive 4th generation GS (not just the F) and depending on the year and model, they should drop the sporty sedan by 1.4- to 2.0-inches. That sounds like a big drop, but as you can see in the pictures here of the OP’s car and on the RSR website, the “SuperDown” springs tastefully lower the GS F.

Lexus GS F Springs and Spacers

As for the wheel spacers, they are custom made, extending the front wheels out by 15 millimeters while the rear wheels are pushed out 20 millimeters. These provide the look of a wider stance without the cost of the aftermarket wheels and tires, allowing owners to get the more aggressive look with the stock rollers.

Lexus GS F Driver's Front Corner

In looking around online, the RSR SuperDown springs cost around $310 while 20-millimeter wheel spacers cost around $100 to $150 a pair. In other words, if you were to buy the springs and the spacers new, you would likely pay at least $550, but in the Club Lexus Marketplace, you can score these items for just $350.

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