Consumer Reports on NX: “Trademark Spindle Grill Looks Like it Eats Children”

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Consumer Reports isn’t known for making the most entertaining review videos, because generally the magazine is generally focused on the most boring aspects of vehicles. Cost, safety, gas mileage and… Sorry, dozed off there. That said, since it actually buys the cars its reviews, it’s safe to say the publication’s integrity is among the highest in the industry. 
And if this NX review is any indication, it looks like good old CR is trying to shed the stuffy, workmanlike tone of some of its previous videos. Why else would they describe the NX’s trademark grill by saying it “looks like it eats children?” They also describe the looks of the compact crossover as “sinister” and dub the interior accents “blood red.” But while they predict the latest Lexus will be a big hit, and praise the cabin as feeling “intimate and personal” reviewer Tom Mutcher spends a lot of time talking about what it doesn’t have–a V6 option, an eight-speed gearbox, visibility–and says it isn’t as family friendly as an RAV4. 
None of the criticism is damning, and since the NX is aimed squarely at young, urban, first time luxury buyers and not the soccer Mom set. 
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