Question of the Week: Should Scion Reincorporate With Toyota?

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Last week on our sister site ScionLife, Jonathon Klein wrote a post saying it’s time for Scion to return to the mothership and reincorporate with Toyota. Will it happen? Probably not, but I think he made some good points. The most compelling reason is probably the fact that Toyota doesn’t need a brand to make it hip. Here’s the crux of his argument:

“Over the last few years, with driving enthusiast and part-time race car driver Akio Toyoda at the helm, the company has slowly been shedding its older demographic feel, increasing its youth orientation and delivering exciting products. With a new Supra coming, now is the right time to reincorporate Scion into Toyota. The world’s largest automaker no longer hide its nameplate from young buyers.”

This makes sense to me, and while I haven’t seen a ton of support for the it over ScionLife, I was wondering what the community on ClubLexus thinks of the idea. So what do you think? Should Scion Reincorporate With Toyota?


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