Car Magazine Digs into the TS-650 TMG

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This car is something like Lexus’ great white whale. We know it’s out there and is awesome, but it feel like it’ll never be in our grasp. Well Hopefully, that’ll change soon if Car Magazine is to be believed. 

First of all, we’re going to just have to face facts and accept that it’s never going to happen in it’s current incarnation. the ody style is old now, and there’s no way that Lexus is going to release their magnum opus of a super sedan on an old platform.

The article does break down what it feels like to drive the thing in it’s current incarnation. Twin turbos, 5 liters of displacement, and a bad attitude are basically the core ingredients that went into building this thing. It’s like the nightmare version of an LS in the best way possible. It’s fast–640hp will do that–but not refined. The TS-650 is a test bed after all. 
Would you be into this if they moved their research onto the latest platform? I know I would. Check out the article below for the full scoop.

via [Lexus Enthusiast]

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