Avatar Guidelines

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    ClubLexus members can choose to put their own avatar under their
username in the forum. However there are certain rules for members to
follow in regarding to the avatar.

    The avatar should be 75 x 75 pixels in size and it cannot be larger
than 10KB in size. The avatar can be black and white or color. The
avatar can be cartoon pictures but no animations are allowed. The
avatar must not contain any offensive or inappropriate contents as
well, for example:

  1. Pornographic
  2. Tobacco
  3. Alcohol
  4. Violence
  5. Foul language
  6. Racism

    Moderators and administrators will always
keep an eye on the avatar of each member. Any inappropriate avatars
will be removed if necessary without notice. ClubLexus will try to
first email the member with inappropriate avatars to change it; however
ClubLexus staff will take actions immediately if necessary.

    Members are entirely responsible for having the appropriate avatar
if they choose to put one. Any violators will result in warnings or
even suspension of membership.

    Just keep in mind that ClubLexus is a community for everyone,
keeping it clean is very important for the future growth. If you have
any questions regarding your avatar please contact the administrator at
[email protected].

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