August 2003 Featured Car

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 Screen Name: LXOGOOD
 Age: 27 
 Profession: Radiologist Assistant
 Car model: Lexus GS 300
 Car year: 2001
 Engine size: I6
 Color: Silver




  1. Torque Master Spark Plugs ($100)
  2. SRT Intake w/ Race ECU ($600)
  3. PLP Heat Shield ($100)
  4. IPT motorsports Carbon Fiber Manifold and Cam Cover ($500)
  5. Custom painted Yellow top Battery and engine pieces ($50)


  1. L-Tuned exhaust with custom piping and removal of resonators ($800)


  1. TEIN CS coilovers ($1245)
  2. TEIN EDFC ($300)
  3. TRD Sway Bars ($500)
  4. UGO STB ($250)


  1. Race Tech Crossed Drilled/ Slotted Rotors ($300)
  2. SS Brake Lines ($110)
  3. EBC Pads ($165)


  1. L-Sportline Front Bumper w/ Veilside Exec. Side Skirts and Rear Bumper. Painted & Installed ($3200)
  2. UGO Roof spoiler ($375)
  3. TRD Grill ($210)
  4. Wings West 3pc. Spoiler ($350)
  5. 5% Tint ($150)
  6. 6000K HID bulbs from Auto-Lamps ($300)
  7. Aristo Window Visors ($100)
  8. Chrome Trunk Bar ($100)


  1. Pioneer AVH-P7490 CD/DVD ($1300)
  2. Pioneer Avic 90 Navi ($1500)
  3. Pioneer W8000 8" monitor ($675)
  4. 2 Alpine 6.5" Monitors in Headrest ($700 used)
  5. 2 PG 800.1 Amps ($1300)
  6. 1 PG 500.4 ($675)
  7. 2 PG LED Fuse Blocks ($300)
  8. 2 JL Audio 10w6 v.2 ($500)
  9. Stinger Wire ($250)
  10. Nova Suede 10 yrds. ($700)
  11. Custom Fiberglass Pods ($1500)
  12. Custom Mounted Camera ($150)
  13. Street Glow Neon ($400)

*Stereo System Value + Material + Labor = $15,000*


  1. 19×8.5 Lowenhart BR5 ($3800)
  2. Falken 245/35 ($1000)

What led you to buy a Lexus?
My previous car was a 1997 Chevy Camaro Z28 which after about 55,000 miles started to give me problems. Yes, that car had about $5000 in mods as well. I paid off the Camaro and wanted something much more luxurious so I went shopping. I have to admit that I was more interested in the BMW 330ci than any other car until I got to actually drive it. I wasn’t impressed at all with the plastic material inside the car and it felt too small. Well, right next door to the BMW dealership was Lexus, so off I went. I met a very nice sales person and we went and test drove the GS3. Within 5 minutes I was already falling in love with this car. The interior, space, styling, everything had me smiling about this car. However, I wasn’t impressed with the power. After talking to the salesman, he told me it was about another $6000 for the GS430 and they would have to special order in which it could take up to 8 weeks. I said NO THANKS!!! Give me the GS3 baby! Couldn’t be any happier with my decision…

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?
When purchasing the car, I was only going to slap on some new wheels and suspension. Then I came across Club Lexus. After browsing the boards for several months getting all the info I could, I decided to become a member. This by far is the best club anyone could be apart of. It wasn’t until a month later when the Mod Bug bit me. It was a downward spiral from there. I was out of control!!! I first started out with the simple things like a grill and a wing but then the posion started flowing to the brain and now 2 years later, this is what you have. Special thanks to Club Lexus for debt I’m in, hehe. In all honesty, when people ask why I mod my Lexus, I can’t give them a reason. It’s just something I have to do…..

When I’m not working on my car, I enjoy all types of outdoor activites. Vegas and Hawaii are my favorite spots to hit. At night, the club scene is where you will find me. I listen to a lot of electronica/trance music so any club in Hollywood is where I’m at. After a long day at work, I enjoy going to the gym for a couple of hours to help relieve stress….

Currently, there is one major goal I have for my Lexus. To get on the front cover of any car mag. Just recently I started going to the car shows and by the end of the year, will be competing with the rest. I would like to thank 818 MOTORING (audiogil) for his hard work (7 month project) on my stereo system. Without Gilbert’s extreme knowledge and craftsmanship, my system would have never become my reality. Without a doubt, his work speaks for himself. His long 14 hour days and his attitude towards perfection is what makes me proud to be associated with him and 818 MOTORING. Hopefully, the members of Club Lexus will see my car on the front page of a popular car magazine soon.




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