Alpine Armoring’s LX570 Looks (Actually) Bulletproof

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When we think of automotive safety, we tend to think of things like airbags, traction control and crumple zones. But that’s because we’re not uber-powerful corporate executives or out partying in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If we were, we’d want to be rolling in a Lexus  LS570 pimped out by Alpine Armoring.

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen an armored vehicle, but it seems most have been either Suburbans, Caddys or big German iron, so we thought it was cool to see Alpine Armoring has been beefing up Lexus models. And given that stealth is probably the best way to involve a confrontation, rolling in the LX570 could be just the ticket to staying safe from kidnappers, terrorists, “freedom fighters” or aggressive panhandlers.


There aren’t a lot of visible differences, but this model provides
protection from “high power rifles such as 7.62×39, 5.56×45, 7.62×51,
M193, and M80 ball” and also utilizes “anti-mine protection including
DM51 grenade/fragmentation.” Now that’s piece of mind! This one looks pretty standard from the exterior, but in the shot above you can see the “Rear partition ballistic glass with swing door and locking mechanism” which is a mouthful, but probably comes in handy in a firefight.

You can check out all the photos of the build process here, and if you’re going to be needing luxury armored transport in the near future, this baby is actually for sale! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like financing is available…

Are you an African Warlord? If you had the scratch, would you consider adding a bulletproof ride to your stable just for kicks? Head over and let us know in the Forum!

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