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Default Wheels

Greetings !

I purchased a 2002 in april of this year (silver over saddle). what a car. i've owned 4 porsches over the years and the fit and finish of this vehicle just blows them away. I've been thinking of upgrading the original wheels, and have been leaning toward the G spiders. Then i recently saw the wheels on the 2015 RC F. a little more "busy" than the spiders, but i kind of like them. I was wondering, since they are lexus brand, if there would be any issues like aftermarket wheels other than the 19/9 - 19/10 size. BTW this forum has an amazing wealth of information, helpful tips and tricks, and everyone helps everyone. The only thing I've done to my car was remove the front badge, it seems cleaner (let alone being 1 screw), heh.

happy motoring !
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Welcome to the Forum gs, you will learn all there is to know about the SC from the fantastic members on here.
Can't help you out with your wheel choice, but I am sure others will chime in.

You have done the easiest mod there is on an SC, but they get harder from here on in. lol

Enjoy your ride, we all love them on here

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for what you paid for RCF wheels I would get a set of use 3 piece WORK rims like I did cost me 1500 and they look brand new. just my opinion I get lucky.
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Gslandfeld, welcome to the club. Many great folks on the forum.

I'm throwing this out at you since there are many things I considered when I was in the market wheel and tire shopping. I hope that this guidance will help you avoid pitfalls.

Do you plan on upgrading your brake calipers and rotors?
If yes, you need to know the rotor and caliper dimensions in relation to the wheel spokes. This will play an important part in knowing the offset of the wheels.
If no, then you can start considering different wheels.

What size rims do you have in mind, 18", 19" or 20" wheels? I see you mentioned 19" wheels.
Do you want a staggered look? Example: 9 inch deep wheels in the front and 10 inch in the rear,
or same depth all around? Also consider the tires.

Are you looking for a one piece, two piece or three piece wheel? Is cost a factor?
How about ride quality? Less rubber on the side walls equates to more bounce.

Lastly, consider if you plan on adding springs or coilovers. Drive to a quality wheel warehouse and just window shop, get ideas without committing, or browse the website. There are many selections to choose from. Best of luck

BTW: here is a photo on what I decided on. Three piece 20" wheels, 9" front & 10.5" rear.
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