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Hitch for a 2013 RX350 FWD with Trailer option

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Default Hitch for a 2013 RX350 FWD with Trailer option

I tried using an 'old' post to get an answer but I guess no one from that one has reviewed it or my question. So I have posted this 'new' post even tho its an old question. I hope someone can answer my concern.

my question:

I have attempted to buy a Curt Hitch for my 2013 RX350 'base' with trailer option. Getting a hitch is no problem from any of the 'online' companies. Getting a wiring connector is another story. They all say that their part does not fit my vehicle? e-trailer, e-hitch, etc........... I tell them I have the trailer package and all I need is the "T" connector but they say what they have does not fit a 2013 even tho when you search on their site it comes up with a part number saying it fits a 2013?????
I would like one of ya'll to confirm that it worked for you? or do I have to go to Lexus to get the wiring harness?

I have updated this message. I have contacted Curt directly and they will not vouch for a connector except for a 2012 RX or older??? I have contacted Lexus parts at a dealership and they are telling me they DO NOT sell a separate connector?? They said the 'hitch package' for a RX comes with all the necessary parts and connections which includes the 'proper' electrical connector.

I am totally dumbfounded by all of this? the 2013 RX is a third generation model just like the 2010-12 and I am guessing the 2014. What could be different?

I hope one of you 2013 RX installers can verify everything was able to be completed even tho the 'sellers' won't verify such?

Additional update:
I got a response from another Lexus Parts Department and they DO HAVE a connector......for $113!!! That sure is a lot more than the $20 ones I see at the hitch sellers???

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The one e-trailer lists worked fine on my 2013 RX450. The call it a T-connector, but it doesn't T into anything, it is just an extension of the wiring harness.

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Look under the rear bumper, on the left side of the vehicle. That's where a square 4-pin connector should be.
My '13 450h does not have a towing package, but the connector was there.*

*That doesn't mean the lights will work. If towing package was not installed, then the trailer lights controller will be missing. I wired a generic one into the factory connector behind the right tail light.
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Default thanks for the replys but......

I appreciate you 450h owners responding.
I hope someone who has the 350 FWD with the 'towing' package sees my question.

I don't know if there are some differences in the wiring between a 450 and a 350?
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The trailer wiring connector is a standard design that has not changed in years. They are just covering their asses because they have not physically tested the fit.
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The connector that fits the 2012 RX350 worked fine on my 2013 RX350. I just towed a utility trailer last week and everything worked fine. The wiring connector you need cost less than $20. Unless you have money to waste, forget the dealer trailer hitch package. It is so over priced. The CURT hitch looks great on my vehicle. I bought a rubber cover to cover over the hitch when the trailer ball and tongue is not installed and I have to admit, it looks very great. The hitch can hardly noticeable. Best of all, I don't have any sorry looking advertisement stickers showing on a trailer hitch like I have seen on some trailer hitches installed on some vehicles.
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