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Default Brake Noise

I bought my 2012 RX350 new and it only had 15k miles. Every time I brake (regardless of whether it is hard or gentle), it makes the noise like one does when the brakes are worn out. Before I take it in I wanted to see if anyone else may have had this experience and if so, what was the outcome. Also, too me there is alot of road noise but I think that is probably the tires...I will not be putting these tires back on.
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uncchick94, welcome to CL!

A vehicle that new should not make any noises like that. At 15k miles you should definitely make a service appt. Since it's a 2012 I assume it was a CPO vehicle which extends some of the warranty to 6 years / 100k. Even it if was not you're still under the original manufacturer's warranty.

What kind or tires on on the vehicle and do they show any wear patterns?
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Thanks TexasRxH - that is my thoughts exactly. I did talk to the dealership and they said I could bring it in. The tires are 19" Dunlop's - which I do not like. I will not purchase them when time to buy more comes. What kind are you running? Not sure about the wear - my husband or the dealership hasn't mentioned anything. It's funny - my husband just turns the radio up but my opinion is that a car thus pricy should ride like a dream - my '08 rode better than this one is.

Also I notice that your car is black, so is mine. I also have these spots on the hood that look likes dried bug guts. I mean you can wash over the, and they disappear but once the water evaporates you can see them again. I honestly think that it has something to do with the First Place finish. I think they were in a hurry and it maybe didn't have to to cure, etc. I a, going to show them that too. Any car wash tips you have, I appreciate - first black car I have owned.
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I don't remember off the top of my head, but I believe if they are squeaking, then there is an updated set for the RXs...

They made updates for some GS, etc. but I can't remember if RX had it as well...

I will look tomorrow for you
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