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Please Help, only car

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Unhappy Please Help, only car

Hello fellow Lexus fans. My name is Bryan, I'm a newbie here and the happy owner of a 93' Pearl SC400.

Car has over 204,000 miles on it and was running perfectly until about a week ago. Here's what happened: Turned the AC on while waiting in a parking lot after a very short ride to a local deli and after running AC for a few minutes, car starting idling pretty rough, gave some gas to clear up and still continued to idle rough, shut AC off and tried a little more gas again and this time it stalled and hasn't started since.

Took spark plugs out of both sides and tested for spark...both sides bright blue/white spark. Checked rails for fuel at start up and plenty of fuel gushed out, assuming good there. Put all back together and no ignition. Took air intake apart and tried starter fluid in throttle body, nothing.

In the past 3 months I had replaced the following, mostly for my long trip as prevetative mantainance: Timing Belt with all necessary componants for that job, high performance altenator, radiator, thermostat, fuel pump, struts and stut mounts. Car drove great from Long Island to Port Saint Lucie Fl. and drove fine for about a month after that. First time car has left me stranded.

Anyone have any ideas of what it could be? Money very tight after my house fire which left me homeless, which is why now live in FL and can't afford to spend on guessing wrong.

Also, jumped TE1 & E1 for a code from engine light and all it does is blink continuous, along with my O/D On/Off light. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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if you got sparks, and you got fuel, you'll need compression.. try checking yoru timing. i do know that with these motors timing does tend to skip a tooth. and that right there will cause the car not start or run like a dog. check your 12v battery and grounds as well.

does it turns and turns and no start? or does it turns and starts then turn off? if you have a live scanner, that would give you more information. TE1 + E1 gives you so much information. sometimes, it would not even show a malfunction sensor..
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The first crank it will ignite for a split second, like it's going to start and then just crank, even while using starting fluid in the throttle body.

My friend thinks it's a fuel pressure problem but couldn't find the,Ii think he called it something like setcher valve, anyway, a valve used to test fuel pressure. That is only a few months old too, but he said it could be a problem. He also wanted to check the timing, but the belt and pullies are new and I put a couple of thousand miles on it since having it done and it ran great up until a couple of weeks ago.

We got nothing out of branching SE1 + E1 as far as a codesusing the engine light was concerned. I just want to get on the road again....ugh.

The only issue I ever had with this car was the check engine and trac light both coming on at the same time. It would do it one day and then would go days or even weeks without it doing that. The car ran great, so I just ignored it, figuring it might be a short or something. Don't know if that sheds any light in trouble shooting my current problem. Thanks for getting back to me!!
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Jumper fp and +b in the diag box and give that a go
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