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Dash Lights on (engine, trac off, trac) - code 41. Need advice

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Default Dash Lights on (engine, trac off, trac) - code 41. Need advice

Hey guys, searched up and down and couldn't find too much like my situation so please let me know if any of this sounds familiar, and what my next steps should be.

So… Just had plugs, wires, cap/rotor, distributors and ignition coils replaced, CAR RUNS GREAT.. keep that in mind. Also car is 100% stock. No modifications whatsoever. Car has 260 kilometres so roughly 160000 miles.

After the car sits for a few hours or over night, on startup 3 lights stay on, the ENGINE, TRAC and TRAC OFF lights. Within 2 seconds of driving the ENGINE and TRAC OFF lights disappear, if i then stop at the store or anywhere, turn car off, on startup ALL LIGHTS are gone.

Doing the DIY scan, i only managed to pull code 41 - throttle position sensor signal.

From searching clublexus those who have had this code and needed the TPS replaced complained about rough idle or car not running smoothly, which mine is running fine.

I am currently trying to sell the Lexus and kind of sucks having the dash light up like a christmas tree for 5 seconds.

ANY ADVICE or OPINIONS are welcome should hear back today from the older couple who came and looked at the car yesterday and would like to have this "issue" solved for them before purchasing.

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Did you try disconnecting the negative battery cable for a while to reset the ECU? It's possible that with all that work, it just needs to be reset.
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still entertaining ideas
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The code 41 means the abnormal resistance of the throttle position sensor detected by the ECU. This can be confirmed checking the continuity and the resistance of it in accordance with the service manual. Sometimes the problem is caused by a connection issue, but the abnormal resistance change causes the problem in most of the case and the only choice is to replace the sensor.
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'93 LS400 only 128,000 kms

ECU caps upgraded to specs according to this site about 3 or 4 months ago.

I have been having a very similar problem. Engine starts okay with no dash lights. Then after about 5 minutes of driving both the 'TRAC OFF' and 'Check Engine' lights come on. The car still drives okay. I have been driving it this way for about a month. I hope that no damage is occurring.

Gas consumption is about 21 MPG, combined city and highway. I will try to have the error code read by a garage over the weekend.
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My car is doing the same thing. 1995 LS400, 210848 miles. Tonight, within 5 minutes, the "Trac off, ABS, red Engine light" came on. All at once, I know I need a new battery, I'll do that today. But the other lights are popping on for no reason. The alternator and belts were replaced. New front brakes, will replaced rear brakes in a week (payday). Just trying to understand.
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