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  1. 04-18-18 09:23 AM
    That's kind of you to say. Sadly the raw truth is that despite my soldering skills and my full laser like attention to detail and cleanliness, the ECU functioned as I outlined for a few weeks and then began a slow and measured decline in performance to the point where it couldn't even leave the driveway. I sold some things that I didn't need, and spent a few hundred dollars on a remanufactured ECU that does work and I'm glad that I did, I sent them the original core. I'm guessing the issue had more to do with other componants in the circuit, rather than the caps themselves. Or at least that's what my bruised ego wants to believe.
  2. 05-20-17 07:27 PM
    Good day sir, well I wish this was a message about how well Lexie (1990 LS 400 that's her name) is running. However, I'm still having the same problem.?.?.? I drove it a while today and it seemed to really lag when I first start off or really give it gas, like switching into a fast lane on the freeway. also, maybe I'm tripping but it seems to also kinda runs weird when I come to fast stop or fast turn? By run I mean erratic rpms and lack of power. thank you in advance my friend.

    Very Grateful,
    Trey Brandt
  3. 04-16-17 05:09 PM
    I was told you are the all knowing!!! .I sure hope so. I'm swapping my evil and need to know if I need to reprogram it or is it plug and play. Thank you very much. I have a 1990 LS400.

  4. 04-11-17 06:18 PM
  5. 10-12-15 07:03 AM
    Greetings Yamae,
    Thank you for you quick reply! A few more questions, if you don't mind.
    There was another smaller box mounted next to the ECU, do you know what that box is for and if I should replace the caps in that as well?
    When I bought the ECU they said they had to program it to my car engine vin number. When you change the caps, does this effect the programming they put in it, other than it having to learn the new sensor readings and adjusting the instruction to the various components it controls?
    Is there "firmware" in these ECUs AND software?
    Do you know if there is a schematic available online of the boards in these ECU that show what components run what part of the engines?
    I used to build computers back in 1968 in Mountain View,CA (silicon valley, before it was named that) and power supplies for Behlman Engineering out of Santa Barbara CA, so i am very familiar with building pc boards and the components on them.
    Thanks for your help.
    Sheila Williams
  6. 10-11-15 04:53 PM
    Are you available to answer questions? I have a 93 sc400 with issues and have pulled the "rebuilt" ECU I bought 4 years ago and noticed the part number doesn't match the list LScowboy put on the "replacing cap post". the number on it is 69611-24231. it throws out codes that don't exist (o/d light blinking 38). the voltage to the maf was 6.57 (should be 4 to 5 v). pull the cable out of the ECU and read 1.37 v on the pins that feed the MAF. is the ECU broken or is it just the wrong one for this car?
  7. 08-17-15 06:17 PM
    Yamae,I apologize for this PM without knowing you or introducing myself prior to this question. Yet upon reading your informative posts concerning the ECU, I thought that you may be the only member familiar with my ECU code of 35 and how that has affected my 94 Lexus LS400 which I believe had gone into the fail safe mode and I cannot start it at all. I found in a Lextreme post, ..." the HAC code is called a High Altitude Compensator sensor to detect atmospheric (absolute) pressure "If the ecu records diagnostic code 35 it goes to fail safe & the atmospheric pressure is set at 760mm Hg. This HAC sensor is built into the ecu". Thanks for any information you can tell me about this code, sensor signal, & if it is a CPU capacitor issue or if it may be another sensor that needs to be replaced as opposed to the ECU.

    I also have a Code 47 which is the sub-throttle position sensor signal & I was going to purchase a new one of these if necessary Best Regards, Tyndale Cobb
  8. 08-16-15 12:50 PM
    Hey Yamae I just want to send a thanks for sharing your knowledge of the LS400. Reading your posts have been a great help to me, today I followed your instruction on cleaning the throttle body and air mix ports, that worked wonders. Thank you!
  9. 04-12-15 08:58 PM
    I have my fuel pressure tester connected and I jumper wired Fp at the DLC and I got nothing at the fuel pump. No sound and no pressure applied to the fuel pressure tester gauge.
    Can u let me know how u say i can test the pressure w/o the car running.
  10. 04-11-15 02:19 PM
    Hey how's it going?
    I have a thread started in regards to bad ECU's for a 92 LS400 and a few people have told me that u wuld be the one to answer my questions.
    So, sensei!
    Can u please offer me some assistance?
    The link to my thread is below.
    But just for a quick rundown, My car is not starting due to lack of fuel.
    I have followed Mitchell's diagnostic steps and I have gotten to the point where I am doing a ECU power circuit test.
    The original including the two that I have purchased are all out of specs.
    When I turn the key on all lights on the dash illuminate except for the check engine light.
    I'm not sure where to go from here.
    Please help.
    Thks in advance

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